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Why Israel?


God set Israel and the Jewish people apart to be an example to the nations. Not to be more important, but special and different.

Irrevocable Covenant
We believe:

  • When God made a covenant with Abram, He made the covenant completely dependent on God Himself. Therefore, it cannot be broken and is forever (Genesis 15:18).
  • Abram's covenant related to both the Jewish people and the Land of Israel (Genesis 17:7-8, 18-19).
  • He has not replaced the Jews with any other people (Psalm 89:30-37). 

Grafted In
We believe:

  • Israel is the “natural branches” of the olive tree spoken of in Romans 11, and Gentile believers are the “wild branches” grafted into the olive tree (Romans 11:17).
  • God’s purposes are not complete until Jews and Gentiles as distinct identities are in God’s Kingdom as one new man (Romans 11:30–32, Ephesians 2:15). 

The Battle’s Origin
We believe:

  • God has placed massive significance on the Jewish people and the Land of Israel (Matthew 23:39), tied in with Jesus' return.

The Battle Continues
We believe:

  • There is an ongoing conflict in the spiritual realm over the Jewish people and the Land of Israel that reveals itself as anti-Semitism. Replacement Theology also serves to mask anti-Semitism.
  • Replacement Theology directly opposes God’s faithfulness and purposes for the Jewish people and their Land (Deuteronomy 7:6-8). 

From Exile to Promised Land
We believe:

  • God exiled the Jewish people from the Land because of their rebellion against Him, only to once again return them to the Land in 1948, fulfilling the Biblical prophecy (Deuteronomy 30:3-5, Amos 9:13-15). 

The Connection
We believe:

  • The plans and destiny for both the Church and the Nations firmly connect with Israel and the Jewish people's plans and destiny.
  • That God will judge the nations according to their treatment of Israel (Joel 3:2). 

The Return
We believe:

  • Yeshua (Jesus) will return to rule and reign from the Throne of David in Jerusalem (Isaiah 9:6-7).
  • We believe He will return only when the Great Commission is fulfilled and when the Jewish people in the Land of Israel cry out for Him to return (Matthew 23:39).