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Check out what people around the world are saying about Generation 2 generation:

"The PAZ (Project AmaZon) ministry here in Brazil has been greatly blessed by Generation 2 generation. Daphne, Andrew, and Daniella Kirk have so much to offer the world today. They live life 'on the edge' and challenge the rest of us to do the same. We want to encourage the church today to hear their message, your church will never be the same again!"
    Jeff and Becky Hrubik
    Directors of Project AmaZon
"Daphne Kirk is the expert on connecting the generations, children, youth and adult, and I am constantly promoting her teachings, books and coaching. She is a proven worldwide minister and I highly recommend her and her ministry.”
    Dr. Joel Comiskey
"We at Celebration Church are grateful for our ministry partnership with Generation 2 generation. We have learned a great deal over the years from Daphne, Andrew and Daniella Kirk about encouraging, equipping and empowering leaders inside and outside of the church. It has also been a privilege for the Celebration Congregation to support their work of bringing the message and ministry of Jesus to some of the most difficult places in the world."
    Dennis Watson
    Lead Pastor, Celebration Church of New Orleans
"I never cease to be inspired and challenged by the passion and commitment of the Generation 2 generation team. They absolutely live and breathe disciple-making, and truly deserve to say, like the Apostle Paul, follow me as I follow Christ. Be warned though: any time spent with them might positively wreck your life for Jesus from then on."
    Matt Summerfield
    President of Urban Saints
    Senior Pastor, Zeo Church

"Wherever I go to consult or mentor cell churches, I always recommend Daphne Kirk and her team as the best source for forming intergenerational, children and youth cell groups. Her written materials are the best for mentoring children/youth groups. I heartily endorse her ministry through the Conferences and Equipping Seminars. Her passion for passing the Kingdom on to the next generation is like a God made virus that others fully catch."
    Dr. Ralph Neighbour
"The Hispanic Church in Houston is very grateful for the ministry of Generation 2 generation. The churches and leaders were very impacted during their visit learning a lot about how to minister with the emerging generation, how to change values and get a new vision. Daphne gave us an urgent wake-up call to raise a generation who know God and have an uncompromising passion for Jesus. Daphne, Andrew, and Daniella have a great energy and passion equipping and empowering leaders."
    Elias and Gloria Londono
    UBA Consultant/Pastor, Houston Texas

"From the moment of our first conversation with Daphne we knew she was onto something BIG. It was as if she were opening a door into a whole new room, which, once we caught a glimpse of what was inside it, meant that church would never be the same again. We had never before heard her message put across so clearly and so passionately and yet, in our spirits we knew that every word was Scripturally sound and absolutely true. We have since journeyed with Daphne and her family and our paths have crossed many times. We value them as friends, we listen carefully to their wisdom and we whole-heartedly commend them to you as ambassadors of God's good news!"
    Martyn & Susan Jackson
    The Salvation Army
    Working in partnership with St. Saviours Church in The Meadows, U.K.
“It is an honor and a joy be friends and partners with Daphne, Andrew, and Daniella for over a decade! G2g carries and proclaims one of the most significant messages for the end-time church in the earth, raising up a generation of wholehearted worshippers who have a heart to see the nations ablaze with the glory of Jesus.”
    Joshua Rushing
    Worship Pastor, Calvary Community Church