Jordan River Pano

Doctrinal Statement

We Believe:
  • The Bible is the inspired Word of God and the absolute authority of Scripture.
  • Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are the one true God.
  • Adam was made in the image of God without sin. As a result of his disobedience, we are born with a sinful nature, unable to win or earn our own salvation.
  • Jesus is God incarnate, fully man and fully God, born of a virgin.
  • Jesus freely gave His life unto death, in the place of every person, was raised on the third day and is seated at the right hand of the Father, where He is interceding for the saints.
  • Salvation is only by grace through faith in Christ.
  • The Holy Spirit as the third person of the Trinity, empowers believers to grow in holiness and be bold witnesses for Jesus. We believe He still freely gives the gifts described in the New Testament to testify to the Kingdom of God, to build up the Church, and to send it out for the mission.
  • God has called the Church to preach the Gospel to all nations.
  • At the literal Second Coming of Christ at the end of the age, He will return to the earth and establish His Kingdom.
  • There will be a great end-time harvest of souls, and that the Church will emerge victorious through times of great suffering.
  • When the Bible uses the words like “everyone,” “all the people,” “the Israelites,” “the entire community,” “the church of our Lord Jesus Christ” that, unless it specifically states differently, it means adults, young people, and children!