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Generational Messages
Anti-Human Trafficking

Fire For the Nations


Daphne Kirk audio teaching on:

Generational Messages:

Generation 2 generation - The Studio


One Generation Responsible For The Next - The Studio


Parental Discipleship of Children - The Studio

Moggerhanger Sessions - Pillar of Family

Conferencia sobre GENERACIONES - Spanish


Generation 2 generation - Hong Kong

Generation 2 generation  pt1 - Hong Kong

Generation 2 generation  pt2 - Hong Kong


Anti-Human Trafficking

Operation Open Eyes - The Studio

GIDEÕES - destaca papel da Igreja frente ao tráfico humano sexual

Sho Baraka performing "Music of Life" - Indonesia.

Fire For The Nations

Fire For the Nations

Persecution Presentation


Generation 2 generation Overview


Cry  For The Nations

Generation 2 generation

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