Music Missions: Regeneration of a Cultural Lapse

For over a decade Generation 2 generation has been involved in the raising
up and discipleship of the next generation. .One way to disciple the next generation is through music.

We are concerned that much of the Christian music scene for young people is
not even close to the standard of what the world is developing and giving
the next generation.

We are entering into an era, after 12 years of experience of reaching the
persecuted and unreached nations, of developing a music ministry department
to Generation 2 generation. Our vision is to create a new movement within
the Christian Music Industry.

A year ago we felt it was time to start to distribute quality Christian
alternatives to the unreached and persecuted nations, as all they have is
what the world is giving them.

God has really blessed us this year, and has put us in contact with amazing
people that have been willing to help. These people span from Artists,
presidents of prominent labels, Christian TV presenters and a Music School.

After 12 years of missions we have our first music missions trip coming in
October, to Indonesia. We will be taking a number of Artists and media
people to do outreach gigs in Jakarta and open air outreach in Papua, but
what we are REALLY interested in is the artist to artist mentoring we want
to provide for local artists. We aim to help with their training and be a
part of better equipping them over a few years.

This training will not just be with music but in Godly Character, as gifts
without Godly character will crumble, but with Godly character the gifts
should flourish.

For years music artists have supported movements and ministries in Africa,
which is great, but while Africa has many desperate needs almost 75% of the
nation is saved.

The least amount of financial giving goes towards reaching the unreached and
persecuted nations. Only .0007% of giving to missions, goes to the
unreached, not even .0007 percent of all giving, only of giving towards

The nations that are the most unreached and persecuted these days are
Islamic nations, mostly between China and Israel. We believe and hope that
this music ministry could be a massive tool for artists and labels to start
to get involved with reaching these nations.

We have seen and heard of amazing things happening through music we have
provided to missionaries within these nations. In one nation about 200
Muslims gather to dance to the Christian music.

This is the time for an uprising within the Christian Music industry, for a
network of people to strive to help raise up quality local Christian artists
to provide alternatives within these nations.

The Bible says , “Go and make disciples of all nations” Matt 28 v 19. This
is our aim; to make disciples not just converts.

Pray with us as we go and make disciples of artists throughout the world,
who can reach the Muslims, the Hindu, the Buddhists especially those who
have never heard the gospel once.

Let’s see a fire spread through Christian music that takes the worship of
Jesus to the nations.

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