G2g (L'dor Va'Dor) & O.O.E.
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     Directions to give through Celebration Church website:
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  • Gen2gen/DKirk or Operation Open Eyes (G2g)
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     One off or regular donations and for us to claim tax back,
     click the appropriate link:
               - Generation 2 generation (L'dor Va'Dor) - Click here

               - Operation Open Eyes - Click here

    Residentes no Brasil:

     Para fazer uma doação para G2G, favor usar esta conta:
         Agência 522
         Cc 47805-9
         Igreja da Paz
         CNPJ 03.573.016/0001-81
     Favor enviar uma cópia do comprovante de depósito
     para boavista@igrejadapaz.com.br com cópia para
     info@gnation2gnation.com e específicar que é para
     Família Kirk e o Ministério G2G.

   Paypal and the Rest of the World:

     Regular donations: contact info@gnation2gnation.com for bank
     transfer details, or use the paypal link below.

     Please complete the following form AFTER you have donated
     through the ABOVE options so the gift is identified and we
     can thank you!

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     Any questions concerning giving contact info@gnation2gnation.com