The Vision Of Fire For The Nations Training


We see a generation: 

Pursuing the ”ambitions “of God and not the world’s 

  Dreaming His dreams and pursuing His heart.    

Ready "for such a time as this." 

Interceding as they connect with the heart of God.  

As knowing the signs of the times, but also what to do.    

    (1 Chronicles 12 : 32)
             Completing the Great Commission.  

Preparing a highway for the King.    

As the bride of Christ.
             Walking victoriously in the darkest and most glorious ahead.  

Prepared for His coming - confident and unashamed.    


We see a generation: of “fathers” for the youth of the nations:   

             Recognizing the urgency of the hour.  

Training them radically, creatively and strategically. 

Firing them as arrows into their destiny.     

Discipling them to be radical, uncompromising and bold.  


We seeFire For the Nations, as a God given, Holy Spirit breathed tool, to bring this vision to life.   


We see:  A reconnecting of the generations with an uncompromising passion for Jesus with a heart for mission and evangelism.